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Our Story

Xico is a love effort.
There is something to be said about self care. Namely, in my case, I found myself unable to do it. I just...could NOT. As a new mom of a beautiful but sleep-averse baby, I was hitting a wall. Between being up all night and post-partum feels, I found myself walking a tightrope. The daily moments and rituals that gave me so much peace and centered me were set aside as I enthusiastically took care of my little one. (Have you been there? Taking care of others and not yourself? Girl.)
Gone were the days of having my tea quietly in the morning. 
My body was lent to the gift of childbearing and breastfeeding.
Skincare? I was lucky to shower and put lotion on! 
Morning exercise? I would rather sleep if I could steal an hour.
I found myself in a loop where nice things were something I would "save for a special occasion" and care for myself was something I would "do later". As the daughter and granddaughter of selfless women, I knew this pattern all too well, and found myself needing to repeat over and over--"slow DOWNNNN, Lynette." "Breathe." "Be still." "You are worthy of rest!"
I had to remind myself to mother myself, take care of me, pause to fill my own cup. I now have two little ones and this meditation is still needed, as self care is only a developing habit. Xico is a love effort.
It is the echo of my meditation, the suffix of my maternal surname.
A tribute to all of us warrior women who are working intentionally to soften and listen to our spirits as we show up for our families and communities.

The brands and products found in our store a chosen with you in mind, in all your authentic beauty, and a portion of proceeds are donated to support those in need. 

In shopping the brands and products here, you will care for your self, which can be part of your personal revolution. 
With love and light,